Kids’ special: Water

Kids’ special: Water

Water is so important for your health – and all you have to do is turn on the tap for a fresh supply.

Water is really important for your body’s health. Your body is made up of about two-thirds water.

You lose water…

  • through the pores in the skin
  • when you go to the toilet (water passes through your kidneys)

You can get water…

  • by drinking it
  • from food you eat

How water is used in your body

  • Blood is mostly water.
  • Your brain also needs water. When there is not enough water to go around, the brain then sends out a stronger message to the body to either drink some water or get some from food. Sometimes you might feel tired and you think you are hungry but a drink of water or some fruit is sometimes best when you feel this way.
  • Foods with a lot of water in them can be helpful for keeping your energy at a stable level and for keeping the heart and brain happy. It is important to keep energy levels stable so you don’t eat more food than your body needs.
  • You need enough water as well as fibre every day to help move your bowels (do number twos!).

Fun facts

Water content of…

  • Pears = 84%
  • Apples = 84%
  • Oranges = 86%
  • Cabbage = 92%
  • Spinach = 93%
  • Cucumber = 96%

Word search

Find these water-filled veges and fruit (words can be up, down, forwards, backwards or diagonal).

  • apples
  • cabbage
  • capsicum
  • mandarins
  • pears
  • spinach

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Author: Catherine Sissons

Healthy Food Guide

First published: Aug 2011

2017-11-29 17:14:50

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