Mother’s Day gifts from the kitchen

Mother’s Day gifts from the kitchen

We have lots of simple breakfast recipes perfect for Mum!

Make some Mother’s Day muesli (for a single serve) or Munchy muesli mix (serve some for breakfast and gift-wrap another lot in a jar — it lasts for up to two weeks). Or add a smoothie to your breakfast-in-bed tray. We’ve got recipes for dairy-free Berry blast smoothie, and if you’re lucky to have a feijoa tree, how about a Spiced feijoa smoothie. Just be sure everyone is awake before you use the blender!

And there are plenty of great cookie recipes to bake and gift: try Lemon polenta cookies, Chocolate chip and spice orange cookies, Chewy honey oatmeal cookies, No-bake cookies or make a batch of our super-easy Chewy peanut butter and chocolate cookies — they’re gluten-free, use only five ingredients and they’re delicious!

Make a gift voucher

Mums love it when you help around the house and you share in making the family home a happy — and clean — place to be.

In your Mother’s Day card, enclose a chore checklist voucher: this way, Mother’s Day can last for more than 24 hours and every time you offer your help to Mum? It’s priceless!

Gift voucher ideas

  • Make Mum a cuppa
  • Clean the unplugged toaster
  • Help a parent clean the fridge
  • Wipe down stove and fridge surfaces
  • Clean handles on fridge, microwave and oven
  • Wipe bench and sink tops
  • Help a parent clean the stove
  • Hang out the washing

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