Quiz: Are you a healthy food champion?

Quiz: Are you a healthy food champion?

So, you’re an avid reader of Healthy Food Guide? Great! Grab a pen and paper and take our quiz to see how much you have learned during the past year!

1.  Does being underweight or overweight reduce a woman’s chances of conception?

•    Underweight
•    Overweight

2.  True or false? Pregnant women are advised…

A   Not to take any vitamin or mineral supplements
B   To take high-dose vitamin C
C   To take folic acid early in their pregnancy
D   To take iodine throughout pregnancy

3.  True or false?

A   By age five, kids are ready to be chopping, peeling, grating and using the stove
B  Extra vitamin C and lycopene may increase sperm count
C   Celery, chilli and avocado are claimed to enhance the libido
D   The more dishes on offer at the dinner table the less we consume overall
E   Obese men have a higher risk of erectile dysfunction

4.  What’s the best source of iodine?

5.  Which is the healthiest body shape?

•    Apple
•    Pear

6.  Who is generally the most expensive member of the family of feed?

A   Mum
B   Dad
C   Teenage boy
D   Teenage girl
E   Baby

7.  Should I only eat fruit on an empty stomach?

•    Yes
•    No

8.  How many people in New Zealand are likely to die today from coronary heart disease?

A   7
B   9
C   12
D   16

9.  Which of these is the best fish source of calcium?

A   Anchovies
B   Mackerel
C   Salmon
D   Sardines

10.  True or false?

A   If you choose the ‘light’ version of foods you can eat much more of them
B   If you want to lose weight, it’s important to detox
C   Fibre is great for weight control as it slows digestion
D   A low-carb diet is better for your mood than a low-fat diet

11.  Are leftover onions poisonous?

•    Yes
•    No

12.  Which contains more fat?

A   Crinkle-cut chips
B   Flat-cut chips

13.  What proportion of New Zealand adults is obese?

•    Half
•    Third
•    Quarter

14.  Check before you flush! Which of these are important to notice about your poo?

A   Colour
B   Shape
C   Size
D   Consistency

15.  LSA is an acronym for

A   Loganberry’s super-antioxidant anthocyanins
B   Long-suffering aunt
C   Linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds
D   Loose stool apoplexy

16.  True or false?

White, black and green teas all come from the same plant.

17.  True or false?

Organic food is more nutritious.

18.  Which of these is an eating disorder? What does it stand for?


19.  Which is the‘good’ cholesterol?

•    LDL
•    HDL

20.  Which of these is good for your bones? (Choose all that apply)

A   Vitamin D
B   Walking
C   Vegetables and fruit
D   Calcium



1Both conditions reduce a woman’s chance of conception1 point each2
2A False
B False
C True
D True
1 point each4
3A Dangerously false! (Leave it until they are older than 10)
B True
C True
D False
E True
1 point each5
4Seafood1 point1
5Pear (If we have excess fat, carrying it around our hips, thighs and bottoms is healthier than around our waists)1 point1
6C Teenage boy1 point1
7No (Eat fruit whenever you like)1 point1
8D 161 point1
9D Sardines1 point1
10A False (How much more you can eat of light foods depends on how light they are. Oh, and whether or not you’re choosing them because you want to lose weight!)
B False (If you want to lose weight and keep it off, it’s important not to follow fads!)
C True
D False
1 point each4
11No1 point1
12Crinkle-cut chips have more fat as there is more surface area to soak up fat1 point1
13Quarter1 point1
14All of them1 point each4
15C LSA = linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds1 point1
16True1 point1
17False (While organic foods are better for the environment, there’s no evidence of significant nutrient differences between organically grown and conventionally grown foods)1 point1
18B BED = binge eating disorder1 point each2
19HDL-cholesterol (It carries cholesterol away from the blood vessels back to the liver)1 point1
20All of them1 point4


Oops! Time for some revision. Have a good read of your Healthy Food Guide magazines.


There seem to be some gaps in your knowledge. Keep reading Healthy Food Guide – we’re sure you will learn heaps.


You’re clearly paying attention, but some of those guesses didn’t pay off…


Well done. You are a healthy food champion! Want to work for us?

Author: HFG staff

Healthy Food Guide

First published: Jan 2011

2017-10-04 15:31:38

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