Extreme makeover: Big breakfast

Extreme makeover: Big breakfast

It's a favourite weekend meal. But do you know how much energy and fat is hiding in it?

Try these tips to make your weekend brunch that bit healthier:

  • Streaky bacon can be up to 1/4 fat. Use Dansk, middle or eye bacon; it has much less fat and kilojoules. It needs careful cooking – don't over-cook or it'll be leathery. But the taste is just as good.

  • Pre-made hash browns have 530kJ and 5.7g of fat per serving. And it pays to check the pack: on some a serving is only one hash brown!

  • Instead try oven-baked cubed potatoes: cut a potato into 1cm cubes and bake with a light spray of oil in a hot oven. Just as quick as hash browns and much healthier, with barely any fat.

  • If you fry your eggs and use butter or oil, you'll add still more fat. Opt for microwave eggs: scramble or poach eggs in the microwave and you don't have to add any fat at all. For scrambled, just cook beaten egg in a bowl for around 2 minutes on medium, then break up with a fork. We hear this is how some restaurants do it!

  • Add some oven-roasted tomatoes for a vege boost: add these to the dish when you cook the potatoes and they'll be collapsing and sweet by the time they come out.

How they compare

Traditional fry-up:
3 rashers streaky bacon, 2 hash browns, 2 eggs, 1 tomato
Total energy per serve = 2400kJ
Total fat per serve = 47g (22g saturated)

HFG breakfast:
3 rashers Dansk bacon, 2 scrambled eggs, 1 roasted tomato, 1 cubed potato
Total energy per serve = 1500kJ
Total fat per serve = 16g (4g saturated)

Author: Niki Bezzant

Healthy Food Guide

First published: Jun 2007

2017-04-03 17:19:00

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